Not for Profit

From treasurer to auditor, from committee member to chair, from churches to youth groups, from development trust to housing associations to professional regulatory bodies, Rafford Consulting has experience of the specific challenges faced by the not for profit sector.

One of those challenges is creating effective organisational structures and processes. It is often felt that volunteers can not be required to follow guidelines on how to perform certain tasks, financial or otherwise, but the lack of process may actually be creating additional risks for those volunteers and staff. Creating and developing “business” processes for not for profit organisations requires tact, experience in risk management and understanding of the drivers behind the organisation and its resources, both financial and human – especially volunteers and staff. Rafford Consulting has the experience and skills to unravel the most complex issues.
If your organisation might benefit from a helping hand, talk to us and discuss how we can help. Sometimes it is possible to offer services pro bono but regrettably this can not always be the case.